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Warraich Meats

History of Warraich Meats

It all started in 2002 with dreams and vision of Sam and Surinder Warraich to own and operate their own business. With this in mind and with some hands-on restaurant experience, they opened the first Warraich Meat Shop offering premium quality meats in Brampton. While Sam was a strategic partner, Surinder handled day to day operations, management and running of the store. Shortly, the local community embraced and supported Warraich Meat Shop and recognized it as a destination meat shop. As time went by, Warraich Meat shop started with signature marination for Chicken, Lamb and Fish.

Our Story

With growing demand and popularity across the GTA, Warraich Meat shop expanded into new regions and evolved with their offering of full Indian Bbq meats. By achieving immense success, second location was introduced in 2005 to meet the growing demand of our signature one of a kind marination and premium quality meats. As the popularity grew, so did our brand. In 2008 Sam Warraich came on board full time and helped accelerate the growth of the brand, and eventually in 2009 we became a Franchise model with requests to open multiple locations. In 2010, Warraich Meat Shop evolved into Warraich Meats, adding a wide variety of cooked ready to eat Indian cuisine menu. Today, we are a recognized brand in various communities. We are the market leaders in offering premium quality Meat and Indian cuisine to all the Bbq’s, weddings or any celebrations across Canada.

Sam Warraich & Surinder Warraich

We continue to grow and ensure all the Canadians get the opportunity to
“Take a tasty and a healthy bite with us"